Crow River Net Control Script

Modified February 2012


Net Control- This is net control (give your call sign), Opening the Crow River Area Amateur Radio Net. This is a directed net. This net is held every Thursday evening at 8pm local time in order to facilitate communication between area amateur radio operators and to announce club news or upcoming events.


Pause ::::::::::::::::::::::: Let repeater Drop


Net Control- Please allow the repeater to fully drop between communications exchanges to allow break-ins. If this repeater is not working, we will use another frequency as directed by net control.


Pause ::::::::::::::::::::::: Let repeater Drop


Net Control- This net will recognize all formal traffic at any time. Just call “break” and we will stand by for your traffic. Net control will now take check-ins. Please give your full call sign phonetically and we will check you in.


Pause ::::::::::::::::::::::: (record stations checking in)


Net Control- Net control acknowledges the following stations.

(Read the list of stations that have checked in.)

Is there anyone I missed or any other check-ins?


Net Control- Go though the list and make sure every station gets a chance to comment.

After the first list ask again if there are any check-ins. Repeat this step until all check-ins have been logged, recognized and have had a chance to comment or make their announcements


Net Control- With no further comments or traffic, net control will now close the Crow River Amateur Radio Net, there were (____) check-ins this evening. Thank you all for checking in, 73’s This is (give your call sign) Returning this repeater to normal amateur radio use.