The electrical panel replacement was one of the first projects that I wanted to complete.
The old panel was pretty scary with things such as multiple 15 amp circuits fed from single 30 amp fuses,
and little subpanels spread out to feed additional circuits.
Heather's father has a good friend that's a licensed electrician, so we hired him for the afternoon.

Original panel before modification
The original panel, before we touched it

Cover removed from old panel
Cover removed from old panel

Panel removed
Panel and decorative cabinet removed, and sheetrock cut to make room for longer panel

Meter removed from socket
Meter removed from socket and new feed pulled down into new panel. Conduit on the
left is the feed from Hutchinson Utilities, right is feed to panel. Note the size
of the old conductors that remain attached to the meter socket

new panel installed with feeder attached
New panel mounted with feeder attached.

new panel installed with branch circuits attached
New panel installed with most branch circuits attached

finished panel install
The finished project. Now instead of a 60 amp fuse box with some dangerous wiring, I now have a
modern 150 amp Square D panel installed. Thanks Steve & Harry!

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